Zoetime Upgraded Queen Size Double Air Mattress

Model: 3-304NA002   |   Brand: Zoetinme  
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Zoetime Queen Airbed.
Our air mattress crafted with confortable, durable, lightweight materials. Create cozy accommodations for your overnight guests. The airbed supports your body while maintaining its firmness and shape. It also folds up to a conveniently compact storage size.
When guests comeand stay overnight next time, you can continue to use it. Convenient, small, easy to store, will not occupy your living space. The Zoetime Airbed comes with a built-in electric pump and power cable, you can have comfortable sleeping arrangements in approximately 4-5 minutes. Doesn't make your room messy. 
The control dial also makes it easy to inflate or deflate your bed to make it comfortable that your needs. ensure you have a high quality sleep, serene and restful night.

After inflat your mattress that your needs, please be sure that the pump is turn to OFF positionand the valve be sealed completely after finishing inflating.
If the pump keeps working for about 10 min, it will generate heat , please keep it cool for about 3-5 mins. When you find it not works temporarily, please keep it cool and wait for the temperature come down and it will turn well.
The material may stretch during the first several uses. Extra air may be required at the first few times of using to achieve full firmness. Please inflate a few seconds again if the air mattress stretches beyond your desired firmness.

The high quality PVC material inside the airbed work together to support up to 500 pounds. Our package also come with a exterior 2.76*2.76inches (7cm*7cm) PVC material to prevent any air leaks once the mattress has been fully inflated.

Dimensions: 203 x 152 x 56 cm (80 x 60 x 22 inch)
Max. Weight Capacity: 227kg (500 lb)
Rated Power: 120 W 

Package Content
1 x Queen Size Air Mattress
1 x User manual
Color Gray
EAN 6921502979783