Lunvon Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Smart LED Light Bulb

Model: 3-301OO001-NEW   |   Brand: Lunvon  
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  • Set up - Android system: Just need connect to bluetooth function with your electronic device system. IOS system: Because of IOS technology limited, this bulb need connect two times.First step connect the bluetooth function with your electronic device system (Control Voice). Second step connect the App bluetooth function (Control Colour Change).
  • Smartphone Controlled APP - Scan the QR code on the product to download the app, or you can manually search for "CHSmartBulb". It supports Android 2.3.3, iphone 4S with IOS 7.0 or later versions. Your iPhone / iPad can be used to play music as well as control the lamp at the same time.
  • Music playing via Bluetooth & Multicolored- Connect easily, and the built-in Bluetooth speaker enables you to enjoy music anywhere. Play music from the app or your usual program and have the bulb change colors automatically. Small smart LED bulb can convert 7 main colors - over 16 million supported colors, plus warm and cool white. You can choose your favourite color for each situation to surround you in your room.
  • Smart Functions - This smart light bulb can play your music, match the lights to the music, has a normal white lights mode, can adjust the brightness, can be renamed and can set a timer in the app to switch off / on. Wake up to your favourite music and color or come home with lights already switched on. Applicable for any household, hotel, shop etc.
  • Great Sound Effect - The high quality speaker inside the bulb will play back your music with an amazingly clear sound and enhanced base. With 2-in-1 design, this speaker will not use any space and therefore saves you space in your apartment. Your friends will be amazed where the music comes from. ABS and PC fire-resisting materials, High quality warranty, safe and reliable.
How to Setup

Scan the QR code on the package to download the app, or you can manually search for "CHSmartBulb" on the app store. 

IOS system - connect Bluetooth function twice. 

First step: connect the Bluetooth bulb to your electronic device system with Bluetooth function. Open your smart phone or tablet's Bluetooth and connect to the device named "CHSmartBulb". This connects your smart phone or tablet to the speaker. 

Second step:connect the App Bluetooth function. Open the app, press "connect" icon and connect to the device named "CHSmartBulb". Now your app is connected to the bulb and you are ready to personalize your lighting. 

Android system

From you smart phone or tablet's Bluetooth setting, connect to the device named "CHSmartBulb". 


This smart bulb can only be paired with a single phone and each phone can only be paired with a single bulb. Multiple bulbs require multiple Bluetooth connections/devices to be configurable. 

Lunvon smart LED bulb is a unique and exclusive two-in-one design - the smart LED bulb with Bluetooth and speaker! 

The E27 socket ensures easy installation and good compatibility to all bulbs. It can support a wide range of Bluetooth and wireless audio configuration files and will be compatible with the device that has Bluetooth function, including iPhone and iPad. 

Additionally, the wireless Bluetooth speaker supports a transmission range up to 10 meters. The Bluetooth 4.0+ EDR (enhanced data rate) improves the purity and sound quality of voices and musical instruments based on DSP technology. It will definitely bring you infinite joy from the combination of light and music!
Color white